Christies-Summer-In-City-Auction Hermès and Chanel to Louis Vuitton

The desire for regular and items that feel familiar is at an all time high and for purse fans which means sharing the bags that speak to us and showcase the beauty of these things we love so deeply. Leave it to Christie’s to provide that handbag pick-me-up with its latest auction, aptly named Summer in the City, which launches today, July 14th and runs through July 28th. This curation of luxury bags, from Hermès and Chanel to Louis Vuitton and much more, brings us some of the rarest and most sought after eye candy the handbag world has to offer you.

The auction is full of Hermès items, by the classics that will make their way into your wardrobe for use day after day, season after season, and year after year, to extremely rare and one-of-a-kind bags. I’m always a proponent of finding the ideal principles and making those an integral part of your handbag apparel, as those bags will be the cornerstones we rely on for every outfit and occasion. Christie’s has an assortment of the more timeless and easy leather bags as well as exotic and rare choices which fit into the traditional class as well.

A neutral tan hued tote works for all from autumn and winter darker hues to the lighter options of summer, which Matte Fauve Alligator Birkin 30 with Gold Hardware is a showstopper. If you prefer a black bag, but want a bag that is not your ordinary black tote, check out this rare Limited Edition Black Calfbox So Black Birkin 30 with Black Hardware. I say purple is a great unbiased and nobody does purple enjoy Hermès, just consider this beautiful habit Anemone & Étoupe Swift Leather Birkin 30 with Palladium Hardware.

There are plenty of Mini Kellys, which I can add is my latest Hermès obsession. I can not decide which of them I love more: the Rose Lipstick Chevre Mini Kelly 20 II or this Bleu Zephyr Epsom Leather Mini Kelly 20 II.

If you have the classics and are more interested in the rare and intriguing, this blossom has among the best mixes I’ve ever seen. Want to speak truly one-of-a-kind? Christie’s procured this Chanel Cardboard Maxi Single Flap Prototype using Gold Hardware (seems to be modeled after the new Chanel 19 tote and I would love the story behind this bag). This is also a really unique piece: the Soleil Calfbox Mini Kelly which would pair beautifully with summer dresses and autumn tan colors. Predictably, the final hammer price is estimated to property well into 6 figures.