Top Hermès Websites to Keep You Busy Throughout Quarantine

Hey everybody! We are currently up daily sixty….something in New York quarantine. My 16 year old writes music before 3:00 am and FaceTimes his girlfriend 24/7; my 14 year old has started an internet business ( – and no, they are not entirely custom); my husband goes into his vacant office in case one of his patients comes with an emergency; my puppy snags treats from us all and I have discovered how to draw exotic Birkins so that I can still get my eye candy even though it’s been two months since I have set foot in a boutique. I know we’re all trying to pass time staying healthy until life can restart somewhat, and so I thought I’d share some of my beloved Hermès websites to keep you occupied for a few fun hours.

Were you aware that the Hermès website is back online? Yesas of recently the US website is up and operating as usual. Get your fix of scarves, ties and housewares, or snag a few of these lipsticks that sold out when they were published in early March. As always, stock is updated regularly, so check often. If you really need a deep dip, keep in mind that though you can only buy items from your house country’s website, you can look at all them. Just click on the country name below the top right corner of the screen and you’ll toggle to some other country’s Hermès website and you may see what is available everywhere.

Well, of course this will be my number two choice. There is not any website that is truly more detailed, more wide ranging and much more up-to-date than the Hermès subforum on tPF. With threads dedicated to prices, leathers, designs, shows, seasons and every piece of minutiae you can think of (and some that you can not!) , there’s not any better bunny hole to return through quarantine, if you haven’t done so already. Opt for the content, remain for your vibe: I have been a regular there for the last 13 decades and the content is all user-generated; individuals posting what they’re viewing, hearing and purchasing firsthand, and better still, this subforum is, for the most part, drama-free. I’ve made lifelong friendships there, and it is why I am writing here, so naturally I might be a bit biased – but with excellent reason. HSCI (Hermès Scarf Collectors International) was an Hermès-themed Yahoo group which has been fairly active about 20 decades ago (and yes, I was/am a member and that I given a number of my photographs to the site). We decided to start a photo catalog of all scarf designs and we all donated our photographs – the site just exploded from there. It’s an incredible and fairly complete database. You need to register, but it’s totally free, it’s no ads, and as far as I know they do not use your email for anything. It was run on a 100% volunteer basis and has been lovingly preserved by the amazing and tireless Denise B.

LeCrin is a resale site situated in Tokyo, Japan, but I’m not listing this website here for the bags on sale (although it is tons of fun to check through the numerous bags and accessories that they have on offer). The big attraction for me is the color and leather catalogue, which can be fairly detailed, and lists nearly 65 different leathers/bag substances (including stopped materials) and approximately 230 different colors (some in numerous leathers).
I acknowledge that I’m not much of a blog reader; for one thing, in regards to Hermès I probably already understand whatever the blogger is speaking about, so when I see something really helpful to me, it’s worth my notice. Even though this is a site, the real value to me is the photographs; that is my go-to for quick leather color comparisons. While its easy enough for me to swatch out colours, when I need to compare a bunch of similar colors it can find a little tricky, so if I encounter here. You may find her color charts familiar (I see these frequently on Pinterest) and they’re grouped by theme (pastels, neutrals, yellow colors, etc). She has a fantastic individual color chart.
I’ve known T for about as long as I’ve understood anyone regarding Hermès, and her site is a regular stop for me personally; it is the only personal blog I really read. She has been blogging regularly since 2009. Obviously she’s a fabulous source for scarf linking information – her most recent article highlights Dr. Deborah Birx’ numerous scarves and various ribbons – and she is also known for her scarf rings, bag inserts and jewelry, but her lifestyle blog which, whilst scarf-heavy, also includes travel, shopping, character and decent living, is just like a breath of fresh air and a brief escape to Europe each time I read it.